How To Parent Like A Dane: Is It Possible? This Book Thinks So

It’s basically impossible to keep up with every parenting book that hits shelves. Plus, with kids, reading a book cover to cover is pretty much a pipe dream. Well, we’re doing the work for you and giving you the scoop on some of the most-talked about reads in the space — so you can have time to literally do anything else (spa day, anyone?) and still get the intel on the top parenting trends.

One book we’re highlighting is The Danish Way Of Parenting, which is a really digestible glimpse into how the Danes approach raising kids. After all, they are consistently ranked the happiest country in the world year after year. There’s got to be something there, right? Have you ever met an angry Dane? Didn’t think so.


Only 80-something pages, the emphasis of this short read is really centered around the idea of the actionable acronym PARENT which stands for: play, authenticity, reframing, empathy, no ultimatums, and time. The book, which is written by an American author, Jessica Joelle Alexander, and Danish psychotherapist, Iben Dissing Sandahl, provides a no-B.S. checklist to apply the “Danish approach” once you are done reading — or done skimming these Dopple Cliff Notes.

The authors break down seemingly obvious tips that seem like a breeze in theory but actually turn into quantum psychics when you’re knee-deep in a toddler meltdown!

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