The Bachelor’s Bekah Martinez on life after reality TV, her not so perfect Instagram feed & baby sh*t, obvy

Leg hair, don’t care! More than a year after appearing on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor, new mom Bekah Martinez is still making headlines, though not because she’s suddenly gone MIA again (LOL), but because she showed up to a recent red carpet event rocking a very MILFY teal frock and unshaven legs….GASP, the horror! The girl literally DGAF, and this is why we love her so much. She’s completely unapologetic about who she is as a mother and a woman, not to mention insanely secure, and she’s on a public mission to debunk today’s nearly impossible beauty standards because, let’s be real, our daughters are watching. We caught up with Bekah to talk life after reality TV, that awe-inspiring, seen around the world natural birth and why she’s so adamant about sharing the good, the bad and even the “ugly” on social media. Plus, that time baby Ruth fell off the bed, oops.

Q: You were a major fan favorite on The Bachelor! How has being on reality television changed your life?

A: It’s changed my life in so many ways– both expected and unexpected! One of the biggest changes has been my relationship to social media. Having a large audience allows me to work from home, host my own podcast, interact with hundreds of thousands of people on-demand…it’s really a trip. I don’t get recognized much in public anymore (my season aired last year, I’m growing my hair out from my pixie cut, etc.), but it’s still so strange when someone comes up and says, “are you Bekah?”


Q: Your age (22 at the time) was a major topic of conversation during filming, with many questioning whether someone so “young” could be ready for marriage. You later went on to give birth to your now six-month-old daughter, Ruth, just before turning 24. Did you experience any of that same judgment from the outside world during your pregnancy or even now? How do you handle the mom shamers?

A: It definitely still happens all the time. People always have something to say. It’s best to just tune out the noise and remember that most criticism from strangers comes from a place of their own insecurity. Try to find the humor in it too.

Q: Best part of being a mom? Hardest part?

A: I nannied for five years before becoming a mom, and I’m constantly surprised at how parenting your own little one really doesn’t feel too different! The best part is the love you have for your children is deeper than describable. The hardest part is you don’t get to hand them back at bedtime.


Q: Speaking of Instagram, we LOVE how real you keep it, especially when it comes to the often not so glamorous realities of motherhood and postpartum, changing bodies and all. In an age of social media and picture perfect feeds, why do you think it’s so important to share the other side, as opposed to only posting your “highlight” reel?

A: Even though we know in our brains it’s just the “highlight reel”, it’s hard to be inundated with perfect images as we scroll our feeds for hours a day. It leads to subconscious (or conscious) feelings of inadequacy and discontent. Seeing “real” photos and glimpses of the parts of life that aren’t so pretty makes you pause. My hope is that people remember we all struggle with the same insecurities and difficulties, no matter how perfect the outside appears online.

Q: There’s an incredibly powerful (yep, we cried!) 8-minute video of you on YouTube giving birth…an unmedicated water birth! Was a “natural birth” something you always knew you wanted, and why was it ultimately the right choice for you and your partner? Was there ever a moment when shit hit the fan?

A: I did always want a natural birth! It was a powerful moment of witnessing my ultimate strength and ultimate vulnerability collide. Having the opportunity to push through fear and pain and come out as a victor and new mother was an incredibly important rite of passage for me. To be honest, it was all a very peaceful experience. I can’t wait to do it again.


Q: If there’s one thing you hope to teach your daughter about her body, it would be…

A: If anyone has a problem with the way you look, it’s an issue with THEIR mentality, not YOUR body.

Q: Describe your personal style in a few words.

A: Depends on the day. Could be funky, glamorous, bohemian, minimalist or just ridiculous.


Q: Ruth has the best clothes! What are your fave kids brands to dress her in?

A: I try to buy a lot of her clothes secondhand from thrift sites or antique shops! They grow out of clothes so fast so this way there’s less of an impact on the environment.

Q: Any epic #momfail moments that stand out?

A: Poop exploding down through the carseat. And when she fell off the bed…Shhhh.


Q: You have three baby-free hours alone! What do you do?

A: Sit on my phone undisturbed.

Q: Fave local restaurant?

A: Roberta’s in Culver City!


Q: Fave way to break a sweat?

A: Rock climbing or having my personal trainer torture me!


Q: At the end of the day, what makes you feel sexy?

A: A hot bath with oils, a clean house, white underwear sets and being tan.


Q: Fave picks from your Drop?

A: An ADORABLE tan polka dot one-piece romper. But there was SO much cute stuff.


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